Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Someone is looking to identify these youths

who mobbed an Exxon store in Portland.

There is no description except for the video, but if you recognize someone, be sure to let the po-po know that you're a snitch.

Personally, I think someone ought to ask 0bama if he knows where any kids who could be his sons were that night....


  1. Those grainy security camera videos are useless for identifying black kids. The lighting is all wrong, the resolution is inadequate for the task and the F-stops are too slow to capture a good still image of a moving target.

    This is all just police dept dog and pony show. They only chance they have to catching someone is for someone who was there to snitch in their friends.

  2. Yo,dawg de obama candy man too slow givin up de free shit,we`s gone go gid it ar own mutha fuckin sef`s know what im sayin?.