Tuesday, April 17, 2012

So, just WHo is this "Union of Concerned Scientists"?

That Newsmax cited as a source - when they put this out about electric cars.

And how good they are for the environment.
Electric vehicles in the United States save money on fuel and are less polluting than most gasoline-powered vehicles, even in places where electricity is made by burning coal, the Union of Concerned Scientists said in a report released on Monday.

"Drivers should feel confident that owning an electric vehicle is a good choice for reducing global warming pollution, cutting fuel costs, and slashing oil consumption," said Don Anair, a senior engineer on UCS's clean vehicles program

Except that you don't make mention of the lakes of caustic chemicals and heavy metal pollution in the drinking water of the Chinese peasants who live near the factories supplying the electric guts to these Gaia friendly happy-mobiles.


  1. Soooooo where is all this electric power to come from to power all of these wonderful electric vehicles? Our current power grid is quite fragile and we've been warned of "brownouts" during the up-coming summer.

    If the grid won't support seasonal air conditioning demands, what will happen when the re-charging vehicles hit the grid all at the same time every evening? The Prog-Cong don't like coal or oil, so what will fuel the generators that supply electricity to their electric cars?

    These are but a few of my questions regarding the "car of the future".

    MAJ Mike

  2. The Lefties put the Kibash on two new nuke plants in central Tx in the last four- or so years.

  3. I guess a union of concerned scientists researches concern and how its manipulated with fabricated concerns, such as anthropogenic global warming. It seems like a good gig, as long as you don't get too concerned about the science.

  4. Well, golly gosh! I'm just a History/Political Science major who has been a public school teacher and military officer. My academic expertise lies not in the "hard" sciences, but I see the the flaws in the proposed system.

    The Volt, et al, are really coal or natural gas powered. Unicorn pharts and pixie dust ain't gonna make it.

    Whole thing reminds me of grad school. We talked about getting a research grant to study the effect of the Weimar German beerhall on the rise of the NSDAP (Nazi Party). We envisioned a grant-financed tour through West Germany. Had a pretty scholarly pitch. Really the whole thing was to get money for a beer-soaked tour of West Germany. Never applied, but it was fun to talk about.

    The "Green Scientists" are just using our money to play.

    MAJ Mike