Thursday, April 12, 2012

A perfect example of a watered down education system

As in- we have all these college degrees floating around and we need to make them mean 'something'- so we'll make a requirement for a METER READER to have a college degree to drive a truck with an automatic meter reader in it.

Because someone who didn't graduate college- even if they can tell our engineers what needs to happen on our power grid- isn't smart enough to drive a truck with a mobile computer that automatically reads electric meters...

Mxxxxx ELECTRIC COOPERATIVE - is looking for a highly motivated team member to join our Hzzzzz District Office located at 237 Hwy. ABC N as an Automatic Meter Reader Technician. We offer a competitive salary and excellent benefits. Salary commensurate with education and experience; only qualified applicants will be considered. Pre-requisites: Must have an Associate’s degree or higher, at least 3 years experience in a technical capacity (electrical, communications or computers), and a valid TX driver’s license. Application available at or either Hzzzz office. Completed applications must be postmarked by Friday, April 20 and mailed to the address on the application. EOE. 4-12-1tc

BTW- I know I'm making more in this job, and most of my other jobs in the last ten years than this college grad will be, no matter what his credentials.


  1. Where a college education used to indicate specialized knowledge, it can now only mean there's a real good possibility the graduate will show up for work every day.

  2. At least until the student loans are paid off.

  3. Where is an associates degree considered a college education? Community colleges are noting more than continued high school.

  4. This is all my fault. When the Dog Catcher has a Bachelor's Degree it sort of wrecks the curve for everyone else.

    And a college degree doesn't even ensure that the holder will show up at work, any more. My direct supervisor got shit canned today for lying on his timesheet and defrauding the city via the payroll system. The worthless dumbass figured the city "owed him".

  5. Best quote ever from Big Bang Theory, Sheldon to Penny "You thought the opposite of stupid loser was community-college graduate?"