Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Do they teach officers about addresses at the academy?

I'm just wondering if they even mention looking at the house address and the warrant, informants lie, or Sheriffs Hunch before entering the wrong address and shooting another dog.

AUSTIN, Texas (CBS Houston) – An Austin police officer fatally shoots a dog after showing up at the wrong address for a domestic violence call.
When police officer Thomas Griffin arrived to the address last Saturday, he witnessed Michael Paxton playing Frisbee with his dog, Cisco.
According to reports obtained by CBS Houston, the officer yelled at Paxton to show him his hands. The police car dashboard cam then caught Cisco coming to his owner’s rescue by barking at the officer. The officer responded by yelling, “Get your dog!”
Griffin then opened fire on Cisco, killing the dog.

So, I guess if you didn't have the means for putting a dog down, you just call in a domestic dispute at your neighbors house and the cops will show up at your door and shoot your dog for you, no questions asked.


  1. Th police stopped being on our side a long time ago.You may know one or more "good cops" but as a whole they think of us as the enemy.

  2. This kind of crap is happening too often. I may find it difficult to continue to "Back the Blue."


  3. The bastard. Throw him in a pen full of feral pigs.

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  5. Watch some videos of police training on a range, and you will learn to hit the dirt when they bark a command at you. They will shout an order, maybe repeat it, then shoot the target multiple times. They are conditioned to shoot immediately after giving a command, and that is what they do on the street. The fellow that was killed in Las Vegas a few years back, hands in the air, when a cop shouted "Disarm, Disarm!" was shopping while legally carrying concealed. After the commands were shouted, the cops unloaded on him. I don't expect cops to change for the better; it's coming from the top down, and it IS how they are trained and educated by those in charge. "Get Your Dog!" Bang Bang!