Wednesday, March 07, 2012

Sometimes it's better to not say anything

Especially it you're on a flight that just ready to take off and you find a utility knife in the overhead bin.

Because you know that you'll just cause a huge delay because of the TSA security clusterf*ck that will ensue, including putting everyone and their crap through security again and boarding another plane- if they can find one.


  1. As an employee in the aviation industry I can tell you how that knife got there. If they had any maintenance people work it, it probably got left by one of them. We use those things also and we have to put our employee number on it so they know how it got on the airplane. I track every tool and blade that I use. Having security visit you because you were absentminded can have career implications.

  2. That's about what I figured- some maintenance guy left it.