Friday, March 09, 2012

So I was over at Drudge this morning

I took him off my bookmarks when he went all in for Romney.
As I was scanning the headlines, I remembered why it didn't matter to me if I read him anymore or not because he's not got new news, and the refresher it timed too fast.

Then I read last night ...somewhere that he kept taking anything critical of Obama off during the last election and won't allow any tributes to the guy who helped get him where he is today- Andrew Breitbart.

I guess I'll keep him of the second string of newsies. If I go there every three days, maybe the content will change.

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  1. I've finally got enough RSS subscriptions that I don't miss much stuff that Drudge normally covers. Combine that with Twitter for breaking news, and I don't have much reason to visit Drudge more than once a day. I've thought in the last year or so that bloggers weren't updating as much and reporting news as they used to; I realized recently that most of the breaking news action is on Twitter, now, and doesn't get moved over to the blogs. It's worth keeping a tab open on your browser with a Twitter feed going all day.