Sunday, March 18, 2012

Mike Suckabee wants to take over talk radio?

His barely-on-the-radar I guess (I've never heard of them) Cumulus Media sent out a bunch of e-mails to Rush's affiliates telling them that he'd be a better host than Rush.

Because he'd be less divisive- or something-
"They are positioning Huckabee as the safe, non-dangerous alternative to Rush and saying to station owners, 'If you are looking for conservative content, we want you to consider our guy instead of theirs.'"

Yeah, Mike. The guy who lost to the the guy who lost to the guy who lost to Obama is going to take over talk radio.

 Huckabee presented Cumulus with its best chance ever to grow into a national competitor to Clear Channel in the radio syndication market even before Limbaugh on February 29 ignited his latest controversy by calling birth-control activist Sandra Fluke "a slut.

That the April 9 launch of "The Mike Huckabee Show" comes amid an exodus of advertisers from Limbaugh's program and an Internet-driven boycott is simply serendipity for Cumulus.

In an interview with Reuters on Friday, Cumulus co-Chief Operating Officer John Dickey described the Huckabee emails as "standard operating procedure" and said the company was "proud to offer up our content to the industry at large."

Well, good luck there Mike- if I have Foxnews on and I see you're mug I change it to anything else.

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