Saturday, August 27, 2011

So, I'm looking at the headlines on Drudge today

They're about the same as yesterday (and the day before...) with the stories of the Libs in the N.E. freaking out about what's probably going to be a strong tropical storm when it finally reaches them.

U.S. military ready to help in hurricane response

People are freaking out

HYSTERIA- Home Depot, Walmart get boost



Ok, so we have an (almost- sort of) unprecedented storm heading their way. It's got a good chance of knocking out power and some water damage from tides and waves.
And peole are freaking out. The MSM is overhyping this TS for ratings, Bloomberg is both ordering evacuations AND shutting down the mass transit so people CAN'T leave.

Mass. has already declared a state of emergency and people have stripped stores like locust in a wheat field.

How are any of those east coast Libs going to act when something REALLY bad comes down? They don't have days worth of food and water.
They have no self reliance (except for a few notable exceptions).
They have no sense of community (in a good way) and will be declaring themselves Katrina 2.0 probably Sunday or Monday when the looting starts.

I'm glad I made the descision to live where I did.
It's a kind of long drive into the big city, but here we have the community well, it's safe from tornadoes (hills), hurricanes (180 mi. from the coast), floods (haven't been rivers here for millennia). Maybe we have a minor earthquake, but it won't realy do much but shake the trees.
The only real threat we have is fire- it's tinder dry here and we have lots of trees and brush.
We try to keep at least a week of living supplies on hand, and know where to get water if we really need it.

So everyone who knows about living through a minor emergency- kick back, grab the beer and chips and we can watch the mass hysteria and comparisons to Pompeii, N'Awlines, the London fire and the rest of the overblown hyperbole from the East coast.


  1. We aren't all nuts up here ;)

  2. I did mention some notable exceptions :-)

  3. Beer will be bought today on the way home :)

  4. Beer will be bought today on the way home :)

    I keep 10 cases in rotation if you're in dire need!:) Yes, they are way overboard on this, as it was obvious about 10 last night that it would only be a category one when it hit NC.

  5. I was a kid in southern Florida and remember annual hurricanes. Some of them were just big storms, but a few were amazing. Several knocked out the power, caused floods, and at least theoretically threatened the running water. I don't remember that any actually did, but we sure were warmed that they might. I remember that it was kinda fun. Scary fun, sometimes, like that time the picture window blew in. But not Armageddon.

    It must be slow in Newsie-land. Or are we supposed to believe this is more important because it might affect our betters?

  6. Yeah Joel, I'm sure it's LOCATION.
    The MSM mother-ships are located in NYC.

    We're hearing more about this than we did about Joplin, who after it's all over will still have sustained more damage than the entire east coast.