Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Our long national nightmare is(n't) over

with this newest debt ceiling bill.

Surprisingly, hardly anyone voting on the (multi) weekly poll got it right.
I can't call a winner between the 5% of you that said "a slightly higher debt ceiling, budget cuts and no new taxes" and the 28% that said "a higher budget ceiling more taxes and budget cuts"

Because with the usual political B.S. and doublespeak from the lifelong ruling class- we (and they) don't know what the bill "really" means.

All we know is that the main problem of spending beyond our means hasn't stopped.

The results ended up as:
Slightly higher debt ceiling, budget cuts and no new taxes-4% @ 5votes
Higher budget ceiling more taxes and budget cuts-23% @ 28votes
The Republicans will cave (was the winner based on experience) -44% @ 55 votes
The Democrats will cave was the least at -1% and 1 vote
The last and best result didn't happen because she didn't get close to a biucket of water...Someone throws water on Nancy and we can watch her melt -28% @ 35 votes

As always, you can still vote, but it won't count any more.

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