Thursday, August 04, 2011

I've been hearing about this heat advisory all day

That the intense heat is going to force electric utilities into rolling blackouts because of the huge demand from residential A/C units.

They already paid manufacturers to stop their electric usage.

But next year all those evil coal powered plants will be going away because of the boy-kings EPA to be replaced not by those scary nukes, but by unicorn farts and skittle powered solar conversion units.

“The power grid continues to struggle to keep pace with growing demand.”

Many coal-fired plants date back to the 1940s. Dozens of nuclear reactors are 40 years old, with no new plants built in 30 years. Many of the country’s transmission lines were built 50 or more years ago, before the boom in personal computers and flatscreen televisions that has put a strain on the grid.

Yeah- time does march on, doesn't it?
Gee Wally, I wonder why we're so far behind the curve electrically speaking?
US utilities have been cautious about building new generation capacity amid regulatory uncertainty and a shaky economy. The country’s reserve power capacity fell to below 15 per cent in 2006, the minimum desirable cushion. Meanwhile, energy demand has rebounded after declining during the recession. “If the economy picks up quickly, there will be places in the country straining to meet that demand,’’ according to Branko Terzic, executive director for the Deloitte Center for Energy Solutions.

Oh, come on those new eco-friendly generators will be so much more efficient than those old-skool power plants...guy it's PHOTO-Volatic!!!
Doesn't that just sound powerful and advanced and stuff?


  1. I know -- billions and billions of hamsters running on little wheels. Alas, I just remembered, they fart greenhouse gasses. Ah well, back to the drawing board.

  2. Yeah- time does march on, doesn't it?
    Gee Wally, I wonder why we're so far behind the curve electrically speaking?


  3. And if the wind don't blow, and the sun don't shine, we can cower in our caves and remember that we did it to save Mother Gaea. Oops - can't dig caves - evil mining!

    Toshiba has developed a modular nuke plant that is pretty much terrorist-proof, that possibly a US company could license - once we give CONgress and the White House another good enema.

    Last time I looked, Southern Illinois University was burning high-sulfur Illinois coal in a demonstrator plant that emitted significantly less eeevil CO2 and no sulfur - the stack scrubber makes gypsum out of that.

    And we give outfits like GE a pass on taxes so they can send even more jobs to China. If President Osama isn't impeached before the next election, I will be very surprised. Maybe the Gunwalker scandal will be the last straw.