Wednesday, August 17, 2011

I spent almost all day avoiding wrecks

So I want to tell all of you newcomers-
"Welcome to Texa" Now quit driving like assholes.
You people from the Libera northeast and you d1ckheads from Kali can just chill out.
You came here to get away from the government you were responsible for and brought your crappy driving habits with you.

Stop trying to drive like you're in competition with everyone else on the road- and use some common sense...and your mirrors. I drive a big truck and one or three car lengths aren't going to make me any later than I would be already- and I let merging traffic use that space. When you can't look in your mirror to see a football field of space behind the car you're trying to force your way into-

this song is dedicated to you and all your fellow drivers.

I'm going to have to video some of my trips and put them to this music.

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