Monday, May 02, 2011

The obligatory Osama post

The White House says they killed Osama bin Ladin.

I'm glad he's gone, but it doesn't really affect me all that much.
He had judgment coming, and all.
I just want to point out that 0bama sent them out as an assassination team, not to bring him to justice.

Now, I want to point out some things you won't hear from the lapdogs in the MSM.
-You wont hear about how this is going to inflame Jihadis and increase recruiting.
-You won't hear anything about war crimes connected to 0bama sending a hit team after Bin-laden like you would about BusHaliburtonMcHitler.
--You won't hear about the next shitty economic report that's probably coming out today or tomorrow.

But, hey- president Kickazz just did something else unprecedented in sending out an assassination team. we don't even have a body. The most honest administration in history says they dumped the body at sea....

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  1. What? No reaction from the "Arab Street"? No comment about how evil waterboarding is? No criticism that OBL wasn't brought back to New York for trial in a civil court?

    I'm shocked, shocked I say!