Sunday, May 08, 2011

Dear democrats who are smarter than me

That would, I guess be all of you. Even those who think the sun has nothing to do with how hot the earth gets.

According to the latest in the ever evolving story about the OBL raid, there was a mysterious video blackout of about 20 minutes of the raid.
That's why nobody knows what went on- so they tell us.

I wasn't there, never would have been because I was a SeaBee, not a SEAL.
But SEALs aren't stupid- no matter what you think of them. They have the same self-protection instincts as everyone else.

They follow things in the real world, they see what kind of threats are out there and take steps to reduce their risk.
They probably have a better handle on what goes in in the White House than those working there. So when they see this happening, they find a way to reduce their risk.

I'm not as smart as those SEALs, but if I were doing something that had a good chance of biting me in the @ss- I would find a way to not have a video record for prosecutors to use against me...

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  1. Reminds me of one I just posted.

    "Exactly who is Barack Obama, and why should anyone - in this nation or otherwise, given his proved record of lies and intentional butt-****s that have been handed out on a serial basis to the American people - take him and the Administration in general seriously?

    We're well past the point where that question should be asked in public."