Friday, April 22, 2011

Remember back in 2003 and 2004

When gas prices were going through the roof? (so we thought)

Who was raising a big stink about it being Bush's fault?
Bloomberg news and their hit piece.
Americans are paying 30 percent more for regular gasoline than a year ago, an average of a $1.94 a gallon, and a poll by American Research Group May 3-6 showed voters becoming concerned. Oil futures have averaged $28.62 a barrel since Bush took office, 42 percent higher than the average during Clinton's two terms. Oil reached a record $41.38 a barrel on Friday.

Thurston Kerry III (who was in Viet Nam) via Fox-
SEATTLE — Democratic presidential candidate John Kerry (search), visiting a swing state with rising prices at the gasoline pump, is blaming President Bush's foreign policy for high energy prices he says endanger national security.

The LA Times
Experts have a lot of good reasons to explain why prices are going up at the moment: unrest in the Middle East, gas-guzzling cars and greed among the oil producing nations, among others. But there is another culprit that is being ignored and that is making the problem far, far worse in the U.S. than elsewhere: the decline in the value of the dollar.

"Instability and danger in the Middle East are driving up the price of oil," the Massachusetts senator said in remarks prepared for delivery Wednesday in Seattle

The NYT-
INDIAN WELLS, Calif., April 22 — President Bush spent an Earth Day marked by record-high gas prices promoting his support for hydrogen-powered fuel cell cars, but Democrats said that the vehicles were years away from reality and that the president needed to do more to relieve sticker shock at the pump.

The WaPo-
With oil prices still climbing, President Bush is coming under increasing criticism for his handling of the burgeoning political issue of gasoline costs, not only from Democrats but also from administration allies in the oil-refining and chemical industries.

But In commemoration of Lenins birthday today, we'll be mentioning that hugely deafening silence from the ideological progeny of Tas and Pravda in their putting any mention near their black plastic Chicago Jeezus.

You notice, I didn't even bring up Darth Cheney?

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