Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Barack Obama want's to kill black babies

and won't take no for an answer.

He said this morning that he would veto any bill that stopped funding Planned Parenthood.
Or cut funding for the EcoNazis in the EPA.

“What we can’t be doing is using last year’s budget process to have arguments about abortion, to have arguments about the Environmental Protection Agency, to try to use this budget negotiation as a vehicle for every ideological or political difference between the two parties. That’s what the legislature is for, to have those arguments, but not stuff it all into one budget bill.”
Can I remind you BARRY- that if YOUR DEMOCRATS had passed the budget back when they were supposed to...SEVEN MONTHS AGO- that we wouldn't be having this discussion right now.

“What we can’t do is have a my-way-or-the-highway approach to this problem,” Obama said. “Because if we start applying that approach, where I’ve got to get 110 percent of everything I want or else I’m going to shut down the government, we’re not going to get anything done this year, and the American people are going to be the ones who suffer.”
That's how you DEMOCRATS acted for the entire time you had the entire .GOV under your complete control.

Lets shut down the government and remind everyone just exactly WHY there was no budget for 2011 under Nancy Pelosi and Dirty Harry.

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