Monday, February 07, 2011

THAT was refreshing

We had Fox news on and Dr. Michio Kaku was explaining that solar geologists made a mistake in their calculations about the next solar flare.

How about that? Yes an actual scientist admitted they made a mistake in their forecast.
I guess their wasn't a buttload of money involved in keeping the farce going.

Anyway, he admitted they were wrong by a factor of 20 in lowballing the effects of the sun reversing polarity (which it does every twelve years) and this time was going to be worse, because they also found a hole in earths magnetic field. Ooops.

The big reason it will be worse is that since the last bad one (about 22 years ago) is that we have a lot more satellites and sensitive electronic equipment to damage when it hits in 2012.

When the wife mentioned that that could be bead, I said "I guess we'll need to start making Faraday Cages for our electronic goodies". Then all we'll have to worry about is no cell phones and relying on land based cable until DirecTV gets a new satellite in orbit.

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