Wednesday, January 26, 2011

So I walked the garbage cans up to the road just now

And opened a Ten. Foot. Wide. Gate.
As I was unlatching it I saw the remains of a plastic bezel and red lens. Where someone had backed into the post with their right side bumper.

I don't know which one did it because both of them drive a small SUV- one's a Hyundai and the other is a Montero Sport.
I don't know which one is going to be out the $50-$100 that it'll need to fix it. But I DO know that they were sticking their head out the drivers window like a gopher because they know better how to back up than someone who can parallel park a semi with 53 foot dry van.

Because here's a hint for someone who 'might' listen.
When you back up, look at your side mirrors, they'll show you EXACTLY where your vehicle is heading, and what you might hit.

You can't do that when you back up like this:

Here's something else I picked up driving big trucks.
The acronym is G.O.A.L. Remember that if your not sure you can make it. It means-

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