Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Let's see if I have this right

We have,,,like a $18 Trillion debt ceiling right now.
Which, thanks to four years of Democrat control of the House and Senate is going to need adjusting upwards in about two months.

If the Republican House refuses to raise it, then the entire monetary system will basically implode and make the Weimar Republic look like a paradise.
-Or they could raise the ceiling ....again- like they have done like clockwork since the Bush 2.0 administration.

Why not just come out and be honest about the whole thing and say "Look, our finances are so f*cked right now that the only reason we know there are chickens here are that we're drowning in feathers and chicken sh1t- so we're going to do away with that whole 'debt ceiling' thing."
It'll be one of the few honest things coming out of DeeCee.

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