Monday, January 10, 2011

If Sheriff Dipshit Dupnik was a Republican

Firstly he probably wouldn't be spouting off continuously and unrepentantly about hate speech.

Secondly- the MSM would be all over the fact that he knew our wackjob was dangerous and let him run free...
I was kind of wondering why we haven't heard anything about his parents. Kind of curious, isn't it that within hours we knew all about the 'balloon boy' and his parents? And we knew about the VA Tech shooters background.

Do you think the Liberals in the Lamestream media might be hiding the fact that mom works at the Pima Co. Parks Dept?

At the time of the shooting, I was kinda wondering why there wasn't any kind of LEO's kinda hanging loose, given that Rep. Giffords has repeatedly been the target of threats and vandalism. But, given how he's a complete Liberal, his department is probably as amateurish as Lt. Dangles office is.

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