Friday, September 24, 2010

Not that I'm into conspiracy theories


Who do you think is responsible for those E-bots running around jacking the bids on E-bay?

Because I'm looking at a good solid cell phone that I had before and does everything I want, when I decided to put down a holding bid of $10.
It wasn't 12 hours until that phone- which had no interest before was at $10.50 with the bidder of m***v at almost a 0% buying record, and his buddy i***l with about the same success ratio.

Is to just coincidence that you have such imaginative names making one or two bids on an electronic item just to push the bids up?

I mean E-bay -who makes money on how much an auction ends at wouldn't have any reason to send bidding bots out, would they?


Turns out, if you click a link explaining E-bays privacy policy, they do that to protect from scammers.

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