Saturday, April 10, 2010

That's a mouthful

The agenda "explains the purpose and timing of more than 60 rulemakings and other notice-and-comment proceedings the plan recommends for FCC action," according to the agency, and will "implement plan recommendations requiring rulemakings through a series of open, participatory notice-and-comment proceedings."

Because if it were profitable, the cable companies would have already run a broadband line to a single cabin 20 miles from the nearest road.

"Our implementation plan lays out a road map for reforming universal service to connect all Americans to broadband, including in rural areas; unleashing spectrum, promoting competition and supporting small businesses; protecting and empowering consumers; safeguarding online privacy; increasing adoption in all communities and ensuring fair access for people with disabilities; protecting broadband networks against cyber-attack and other disasters; and ensuring that all users can reach 911 in an emergency," said FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski in a statement.

And we can tell these are Liberal bureaucrats from their codewords...

ensuring that all users can reach 911 in an emergency--Dude, seriously: you're going to force everyone to have a telephone?

ensuring fair access for people with disabilities So, how does that work? Do we rune another special line to the house? Use specially enhanced signals to overcome that disability?

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  1. "Universal Coverage" will be the blanket that smothers freedom to death.


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