Thursday, February 25, 2010

Medical horror stories from the summit

Yeah, and they were all on the Dem side.

This Barbra Streisand about Deedee Scosifario the Dem Rep. from NY and her sob story about a sister recycling her dead siblings dentures.

These are the first thoughts I had when I heard that:
"Dentures?" I thought we were listening to the Healthcare Bill--NOT the dentalecar bill
Dental insurance has *always* cost more than health insurance.

Ummmmm....the way she's talking, it sounds like she's eligible for Medicare or Medicaid(whatever, I'm paying for it whichever she falls into) so didn't the ,gov fall down there?
AND lastly.. HEY GIRL...drop them in some boiling water fr a while, then mould them to your gums.

Of course I'd probably need to tell her- since she sounds kind of *simple* that she doesn't need to keep it in long enough to burn her gums

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