Thursday, October 02, 2008

Ok, I just lost what little faith I had

In ANYONE up in DC doing what's (supposedly) right for America, instead of gratuitously throwing tax money awy for political expedience.

Both of the Texas Senators voted for this porkbarrel-disguised-as-a-bailout-bill they concocted yesterday. Instead of saying, 'Whoa, that $700,000,000,000 is kida pricy for the taxpayer, lets see if we REALLY need it"; our *betters* decided to load it down with an additional BILLION or so in unrelated pork.

Because that's how things get done up in DC. It's not real moey, ya know- we can always print more.

Hell, none of them are worth representing us anymore, and since the election is only a month away, lets see if we can vote them ALL out and start over with an entierly new slate. We've seen what "experience" in DC politics get us- lets try common sense now.

As an addendum to this "MUST-PASS-OR AMERICA WILL IMPLODE" meme from DC, I heard lots of people on Rush today- and a bank loan officer telling that there is plenty of money available for those with good credit.
I'm also still waiting for the complete implosion of all things financial,,,I guess Wall St. didn't get the meme that they were supposed to crater two weeks ago when the first massive porkladen bailout bill didn't pass.

I wish I had the money to load up on discounted stocks right now.

Anyway, lets see if we can get something going to VOTE THEM ALL OUT!.
I rtefuse to vote for any incumbant this time around.
No matter what their party is- they just proved they're not representing ME.

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