Thursday, March 13, 2008

Some things every kid growing up in texas should know

  • How to ride a horse.
  • How to shoot a gun (more like what a gun can and cannot do)
  • The reason Texas was a nation before she became a state.
  • What crude oil smells like.
  • What it takes to grow a crop.
  • The difference between a steer and a bull.
  • That livestock are not pets
  • That nobody 'owes' you anything.
  • How many stars are actually in a west Texas sky.
  • That you wave a 'thank you' to other drivers who give you a break.

Unfortunately most kids here are living in huge metroplexes that identify more with NYC than historic Texas, and will never get a chance to experience most of that list.

NOTE TO SELF- buy ammo Fri for Danica's range day on Sat.

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