Saturday, March 01, 2008

SENATOR John McCain and the little people

I made this point in several comments on other blogs about SENATOR John McCain and the use of Obabma's middle name. The way he rushed to the nearest news camera to distance himself from those comments from a radio talkshow host.

Something you all have to remember is thast the top three candidates for president are in the same exclusive 100 member club. They consider themselves to be the elete of America, their only peers are former members of "the Club" , other Leaders of forgein countries and Royalty.

It's no wonder that SENATOR John McCain jumped to the defense of his fellow SENATOR,,,, Barrak Hussien Obama... It's a natural reaction to protect 'one of yours' from the great unwashed class of ...others who can't be in your exclusive club.

SENATOR McCain knows this.
So does SENATOR Obama, and to a certain extent
SENATOR Clinton would pull her punches, too

Because what family members can do to each other is forbidden to the 'others' who are outside of their incestual relationship with each other.
You know, a family can be in a bloody fight until someone 'other' steps in and then they'll circle the wagons against the 'outsider'.

I've seen three things this week about SENATOR McCain defending his rival SENATORS against (relatively minor) attacks from the unwashed.

That's us.

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