Thursday, March 13, 2008

On the Obama tribe

That sounds kinda racist, if you want it to- doesn't it?
I'm talking about the people he surrounds himself with.
The brotherhood? Nope.
The clan? Brings up bad associations.
You just can't say anything without some people looking for an excuse to be offended.

Anyway, I was hearing about how Barrys wife feels so badly treated by "white" America.
Her exclusive colleges and Universities that they now have to repay their massive student loans to. How 'mean' and segregationist her America still is.

Barrys Preacher and his views of how bad America is treating her people of color.


If your views of America are so bad, and that's all you encounter- racism, divisiveness, meanness, keeping the brother down---
You really ought to think about getting to know some people who aren't Liberal Democrats.
People who are proud of America and make ends meet by not sending their precious snowflakes to snobby schools and after-school elitist classes.

AND you Obama worsipers?
Just remember-
Lennin brought CHANGE to Russia- Stallin CHANGED it even more.
Mao CHANGED China.
So did
Mussilini to Itally, and I don't even have to mention Germany.

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