Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Looks like the SHtF over in Iraq

Doesn't it?
A sudden upturn in violence from the usual sources,,,and the liars mooslimb clergy who called a cease-fire because his mahdi army was being decimated.

We/they should have doone something with Mookie a long time ago. Put the fear of God allah in him by threatening him with a dentist.

I don't know why he decided to start his cr@p again...now, but I strongly suspect that it's got something to do with the upsurge in al-quadas attacks in Iraq. Including Irans mortar attack on the Green Zone.

I think the surge is working VERY well and this is one of the final lashing out of a badly wounded snake. Not that you'll hear that from the Dems, or the MSM- but I think looking at this spasm, that we may have turned a corner,,,that even the Senat Democrats have to acknowledge.

But we'll see.

Good job guys-
Bravo Zulu

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