Wednesday, March 19, 2008

I wonder if it's the same Winchester?

See, a while ago I lost my Gerber multi-tool.
I was connecting up light poles and it probably fell out of a dog-chewed sheath/holder,,,whatever.

I went to Wally-world and saw another for about $16.00 with the Winchester name and look to the name. So I thought...*OK, it's made in China, but they have to be protecting their name fron cr@ppy production, right?* Sorry sucker-

I bought the thing and promptly began to dull the knife (which doesn't lock) by cutting the insulating (rubber) tape off a Kerney ( a split bolt kind of wire connector) that was aluminum. By the time I was done exposing enough of the ALUMINUM connector to loosten it, the knife-looking piece of brittle metal was too dull to open a letter.

Now I have a choice,,,,yeah- Dems love giving people a choice!

*What? Only if you want to do away with an unborn kid?*

OK, I have an option to either go buy another Gerber (which I can't find) or live with it until it's usless- about 6 months and pack my Buck Knife for the sharp work.

Except I'm a firm believer in the K.I.S.S. principle and don't wqant to have to carry extry cr@p if I don't need to.

I guess after I pay my fair shair to Uncle Sugar, I'll see what change I have left and what I can get- I'll throw the *Winchester* brand of Chinese ingenuity into Karen's truck so she has some type of tool in case she needs one.

gawd, I expected better of a name like that....
Maybe it's not the same Winchester?

Nope, it IS the same logo as printed on the dull knife.
You'd think some people would have pride in their name, guess not, as long as the name sells crappy chit- the bottom line is all that matters anymore, huh?

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