Tuesday, March 18, 2008

I hear the ObamaMessia gave a speech today

He was supposed to have answered all the questions about his relationship to his racist pastor. Or something.

From the dribs an drabs I've heard (which is quite enough- thankyouverymuch) he didn't really give answers as to why he stayed in a church that he disagreed with.
For twenty years.
Ang got married by a Reverend who sometime gives fiery sermons.
And had his girls (who still attend) baptized by a racist, American hating preacher.

But that's ok, Barry's a black Dem- so any halfhearted answer he gives will gloss over his Afrocentric, Anti-American, racist church- because he s 'bigger' than to let that hate sway him in his quest to bring racial harmony to all Americans.

Gawd- gimme a break.

Can you imaging what a white Republican would be going through if the shoe was on the other foot? He couldn't grovel low enough to not be hounded out of the race.

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