Thursday, March 20, 2008

How this 'typical white person's' day went

I got up at 5 AM while it was still dark, and noticed how my *special* sheets glowed in the dying bonfire embers moonlight. After I took a shower to wash the tar and feathers off for the day to come, I got my coffee and read the morning news to see if our Kleagle made the paper yet to see if anything interesting was happening.

There wasn't, just your typical white peoples business. Then it was off to work.
While we were working at the schools admin office, us typical white people went in and talked to other typical white people to try to find yet another way to keep the negro down.

We have already inflicted them with the idea of getting ahead for their brains is acting white.
Our 'Good ol boy' LBJ has them so out of the loop of self accountability that we gave up thinking along those lines.
Deafeningly loud bad music that praises all the behaviour that typical white people know is bad for you,,MOTOWN owns that.

We didn't accomplish much in the education department, but we did do some noose knot tying comparisons.

We didn't see many Afro-Americans on the street, so we couldn't say anything of a racist nature like typical white people normally do when they see a brother acting like he was equal to us, typical white people.

We got back to the shop with another two hours of O.T. and didn't once get to mutter obscenities at our homeys from the hood.
As I was driving home in my typical white persons way- I didn't get a chance to mutter under my breath once about how "they" drive.

Well, there's always tomorrow in the typical white states of Ameri KKKA.
Oh and our Friday Klan meeting fraternal get together around a bonfire.

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