Friday, March 28, 2008


That's about how hard hitting and well aimed as this post will be.

I hear that both Democrat Presidential wannabees are going after Bush on the economy.
They're going after him like flies on chit acting like it was his fault that the economy is heading South. So I'd like the two pretenders to answer some questions:
  • Both of you are Senators (one for two years and the other for six)- Are you trying to tell us that your energy plans have NOTHING to do with the rising cost of everything related to energy? That the rising cost of food (and fuel) isn't the result of your shortsighted insistence on biofuels? That you BOTH want to 'punish' the oil companys for making 9 CENTS /gal on fuel while you rake-in 60 CENTS in tax? That 'Big Oil' is to blame for the cost at the pump, but you say nothing about Wall Street oil profiteers?
  • George Bush Graduated from an Ivy League school with high marks and an MBA- What are your qualifications for turning the economy around?
  • So, what is it? You're judged by the company you keep- or not?
To John McCain- You say you "heard Americas voice" on the Mccain/Kennedy amnesty bill.
Shouldn't you maybe cosign Pryor’s S.2368 immigration bill, or stop blocking Schulers (D-NC) Save Act (H.R.4088)- since you like to work across the aisle?

I listen to the radio during the day when I can and get lots of blogfodder, but when I get home, I pretty much pull a blank. Maybe because I'm concentrating more on driving? Or, maybe I leave that at work, too?

Do you hear an ad on the radio and can't turn off the radio fast enough?
There's one going around here about some acid blocker, it has someone moaning about gastric distress and it's intercut with laugh lines. The product starts with an X or a Z- not sure- can't stand to listen that long.

The supposed racism of the newest Vogue cover- both LeBron and Gisele had to approve it (and their PR flacks- I'm sure). Aren't, maybe all these alarmists who see racism everywhere kinda projecting -in a Freudian way?

I'd rather get paid for overtime than get comp time. If I'm going to be off on Fri. schedule me for 4-10's.

Sorry about taking the air hose from the shop, Ronnie- but I had to air up trailer tires. That 2008 $54,000 F150 of yours shouldn't need to have it's tires topped off anyway.

Now, I'm off to deposit my check and spend more money at Lowe's-repairing mobile homes sucks.
I'm looking forward to the day we can build our 'real' house here.
AND- anyone in the San ANtonio area, if you want some wainscoting panels let me know. I'll make and paint them white for you- and charge you less for a 4x8 sheet than Lowe's does for 1/3 of a sheet.

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