Monday, February 25, 2008

Where's the justifiable outrage?

Gas prices are heading north again, for no *real* good reason.

On the one side we have our supplies strangled by greenies and their Liberal buddies in Congress. NONE of the Presidential wannabees are even thinking about increasing our output or doing anything about decreasing our dependence on Islamoterrorist suppliers.

On the other side we have oil profiteers who jack the price of oil up every time anything -good or bad- could happen to the supply of oil. If their kid wrecks their month old Porche, up goes the price of crude.

We could go nuke, which would reduce our dependancy on forgien oil, but the Greenies and their Liberal buddies don't want to go there for some reason. Probably because it takes up less space than the miles upon miles of ugly-@ssed white windmills you see on the way into Cali.

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