Saturday, February 09, 2008

Random thoughts

We all know how concerned the Libs are about us tapping the phones of overseas terrorist callers. Privacy and all- ya know.
  • Why haven't we heard any outcry about the fact that GOOGLE has some kind of search filter on *EVERY* site they see? AND they'll be glad to store all your personal stuff on their servers for 'your' benefit. We all know that a private company would *NEVER* sell (or...oops, my bad) let slip damaging personal information on an opponent.
Hillary is claiming credit for everything her hubby did while in office.
  • When are we going to hear an exit strategy for the Bosnia-Kosovo area? We're still there holding two warring religions apart, and if we all leave tomorrow- it would be the same as before we got there. We had even less business going there than into Iraq or Afganistan- except to get Americas mind of Bills walking humidor.
I hear on the radio from the 'experts' that we might be looking at hgas in the low $2's by summer because of the resession that'll be hitting one of these days.
  • So I guess it's NOT supply and demand, like we've been told- more of what the market will bear.
I just opened a $300 electric bill, more than it was last year at this time, and $125 more than last month. Our water bill is higher than last month, too. I guess someone is going to have to lay down the law about daily hot baths and daily mini-loads of laundry. Oh, and NO- we don't have a hot water leak.

If any contractors are thinking of a new backhoe- I'd advise them to stay away from JCB.
It's got all the quirks that you'd expect from the people who brought you the BSA and Norton.
Greasing it is an adventure in it's self.

Mark, I'm thinking of a Vargas 'Nose Art weekend.'

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