Saturday, February 16, 2008

Nothing good ever happens at 3 AM

I've tried telling the 19-yr old that, but her vast experience tells her how wrong I am.
When that bad thing happens, I hope it won't be real bad, like a rape, or mugging, getting drugged...carjacked,,,, whatever those paragons of virtue she hangs out with when the productive people are home in bed. She'll get very little sympathy from me. I know I'll have some kind of "I told you so" moment.
AND since all El Presidente Boosh's people are coming here from states that actually DISCOURAGE illegals(OK and AZ), there'll be even more chance that something bad will happen.

OR maybe it'll be something she does, like watching an illegal drag race at 3:40AM and standing in the middle of an active highway.
My guess is that alcohal was involved- at least, and not by the driver that ran into the fools -in the highway- at 3:40 AM.

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