Friday, February 08, 2008

Lets party like it's 1999 Jan 19 2000

I guess that a donkey can't change her stripes, either.

Apparently the Clinton campain left a rental property in N.H. like they left the White House, and they skipped the rent, too.

This week, national news reports said Hillary Clinton loaned her campaign $5 million of her personal fortune. Bennett said he finds it hard to believe she can't afford $500.

When the group did not give him a check for the amount up front, as per the agreement, Whitney said, he gave them the benefit of the doubt.

"But they packed up and left," he said.

"They left enough trash for a small army," said Bennett. "We filled two of those big black trash bags with what they left. There might still be a 4x8 Hillary sign there we pulled off the fence."

How classy.

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