Tuesday, February 19, 2008

I am interested in John McCain's new tax policy

His newest one, where he pledges 'no new taxes' to those who actually think they can do anything about the fact that 50% of America decided who the rest will have to live with.

Let start over....
John McCain, who is in a fight for his political life, due to the fact that 24 states didn't already decide who will be the Republican nominee- has pledged that he'll be a conservative and pledge that he'll support a 'No new taxes" adgenda if he makes it to the whitethouse.
Ok, I'd like top believe that....
Now about that pesky McCain/Lieberman bill that wanted to tax every American fifty cents per gallon of fuel for pie-in-the-sky ideas.
Are we sure that's dead?
What about his pledge to never allow us to use our own resources to produce our own energy,,, because of GLOBAL WARMING?
You know, keeping us tie to Baby Huey and the Islamofacsiest who have us over a(n oil) barrel?

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