Thursday, February 07, 2008

Hope y'all are ready for a rough next four years

Who ever the next President is.
On the Left side we have- in favor of
  • Stifeling the First amendment with his 'election finance reform'
  • An ambivilence-at the very least- on the Second Amendment protections
  • An intrusive government health care pogram
  • Amnesty for our illegal friends
  • Tax increases out the @ss
  • Higher unemployment because of the previous two
  • The 'evil' rich slowing down their disposable spending, which will increase the previous
  • The appointing of Liberal Supreme Court Justices- to keep that ol Constitution living and changing as needed.

And on the right we have- No One.

Ohhh, and the republicans are bailing in droves from the House and Senate, too.
I guess the couldn't take the responsibility for the mess that's coming.

And soon-to-be Ex-Senator Hutchinson?
I'll be doing everything I can to derail your run for Tx Gov because of your final vote on the undermining of the border fence.

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