Saturday, March 17, 2007

I have the TV on as backgound noise

I'm surfing my blogroll, and I hear- again the young, concerned childeren asking about their future.

You know- the ones asking where their SocSec will be? the ones wondering about their healthcare, etc,,,
All bought and paid for by AARP.

The fact that AARP have been fundemental in foiling ANYTHING that might have minimised their goodies just dues -SocSec reform, Bush's Perscription Drug boondogle, more bennies no matter what, "If you change anything, seniorsa will be eating dogfood!"

Now they're putting out TV ads
*to help the childeren*
is kinda like cr@pping in the foyer and telling the guests that they need to clean it up, because they stepped in it.

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