Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Hi, my name is Kurt and I own a gun

I own several as a matter of fact. My wife owns two also.

I just thought I'd throw that out so certain Anti-Gun Liberals wouldn't have to kill more trees to let you know.

I'm also letting you know, because now, we can officially shoot your criminal @ss if you break into our house!

The Texas Fair Defense Act [SB 159] (PDF- sorry) was voted on and overwhelmingly approved by both sides of the aisle to be voted on tomorrow. I think. The website is kinda ... really not easily navigable.

Anyway, if you crooks wanna come over and play; just let me know your flavor:
We have rifles- a 30-06 (1903-A3 where I can take you out at the top of the hill, and your engine block, too). A .22 semi-auto that Karen wants target practice with, she hasn't tried a moving target yet.

We also have 4 pistols in different calibers and actions ranging from .22 to .50 cal and revolvers and auto loading pistols to muzzle loaders (makes a nice hole that shatters bone).

Sorry Hammer, I forgot to credit you for directing me to Misha.

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