Thursday, October 05, 2006

It looks like You-Tube is really showing it's @ss

Michell Malkin- who is a woman of color (Asian brown) , and worse of all- a conservative shares a blog with Allah (who's not in the house anymore) is getting her account pulled fromYou-Tube for being unfriendly to Islamic Terrorists.
So is My Pet Jawa.

I'm looking for somewhere that's not bigotted against pro-America, and not so Leftist that they revolk your account because Islime-O-fasiests don't like what you're saying.

I found this DV Guru site with a comparison of ten differentvideo sharing sites.
I'll be looking at them and trying to see which--if any are conservative friendly, because it seems that all the good and popular cr@p is run by Leftwing lunatic-saviants.

Ruty has a scoop on the new official policy over at You-Tube.

I'll be referring to their new name in future posts.

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