Friday, October 20, 2006

Gawd I hate trojans

Not the Greeks, or the latex sleeve either.

Had something pop up the other night. It looked like one of those greyish Microsoft warning boxes.
I deleted it, and it kept popping back up, so I go to the source site...something like "downloadourprotectionnow.scam" and defenatly know I don't want to click on it.

I turn off rhe computer for the night and the next day about an hour into online stuff- the connection is lost. Ok- call Wildblue tech support to ask what's wrong in Larado now.
Nothing- and we went through the whole troubleshooting list- including re-aquiring the IP three times until she suggested my network card was bad because the IBM laptop got right through...

Great, now the "big" computer is down for the count- with all the important stuff on it.

THEN- I remembered the "warning", look at the desktop,,, and there is a brand spanking new icon saying 'click me!!" with absolutly NO information except like- install.exe.
Into the bin it goes, and reboot the hard-drive to factory settings.

POOF- wallah--I have internet again! Now I have to put everything back.

I finally got the 18 yr-olds computer online, too. It's an ME with 15G and lots of teen cr@p on it.
I forgot the all the security settings I had in the router, so couldn't get it to work until I got into the router settings here. I finally got it working, downloaded AVG, spybot, adaware -and ran updates and searches on all of them.
Cool, we're cooking with gas, now...untill I tried downloading ME upgrades from Microsoft.
I've tried three times with the "Scanning for available upgrades" ding-"upgrades available"...and it won't initialize, just sits there like a federal beureaucrate.

ME is out of date anyway, there will be no updates, so one computer will be able to be free of IE completly, anyway.

OK, I'm trying to look at the bright side.

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