Thursday, October 12, 2006

Democrat -V-Republican

Maybe that should be Libs -V- Conservatives?

Since I consider myself a Conservative rather than a Republican.
Anyway, This isn't a Meme so much as an interesting post I saw at Miriams blog.

It's a kind of "Free Association" thing.

You get what you pay for- Repub/ Free is good-Dem
Guns- Rep/ Metal detectors-Dems
Jerky-Rep/ Granola-Dems
Meat and potaoes-Rep/ Quiche- Dems
"More power!"-Reps/ Peddle power-Dems
Tree farms-Reps/ Sitting in trees- Dems
Pistols at the range-Reps/ Cream pie in a speakers face- Dems
Bonfires- Reps/ Flag burning- Dems
SUV's- Reps/ VW Bug- Dems

Your guy lost:
Get drunk, then go on-Rep/ See a shrink, then spend eight years undermining everything the winner does-Dems

Church- Reps/ Porn- Dems
Hunting and fishing-Rep/ Figure skating- Dems
A good novel-Reps/ You-Tube- Dems
Nuclear energy-Rep/ Miles of ugly @ssed windmills- Dems
Immigration reform...........................????????????........................OK, pass
NRA-Reps/ ACLU- Dems
Independance Day parades- Reps/ Anti-war marches- Dems

Y'all have a go-
Joseph added these:
stand your ground - Rep // helpless sheeple - Dem

normal people - Rep // freaks and hippies - Dem

White Lightnin' - Rep // Dom Perignon - Dem

Dollywood - Rep // Hollywood - Dem

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