Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Are the chickens coming home to roost?

Remember how we (the Bush regime specifically) are were getting beat-up about out "Unilateral" invasion of Iraq?
How we went ahead and just up and invaded on our own?
Both the Dems amd the rest of the world were dumping on our "Unilateral" action. It made absolutly NO difference that we had 72 other countries involved.

After dumping on America for going after Saddam because the U.N. fell down on the job (again), North Korea is in the news.

Isn't John F*ing Kerry and the rest of the Communists Democrat party the ones who are always telling us we need to get the world involved n solving problems?
The U.N. didn't like our "unilateral" problem solving in Iraq.

NOW, according to the Thief-in-chief of the U.N.~ America is supposed to dump the OTHER four countries involved in the NorK talks and set ourselves up for the target when the talks fail yet again.

WHY would we do that Koffi? We get enough of your chit every time we do your job for you.
You've proved just how incompitent the entire U.N. mission is by your toothless resolutions sanctions and "punishments".
Are you ever going to do ANYTHING (exept the usual mismanagement) about Dafur? Maybe you've heard of it, it's been going on for some time now. Somalia? Oh, moslems-right don't want to piss off the "religion of piss, do we?

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