Saturday, August 19, 2006

I got wrote-up tonight

It was one of those days when nothing goes right.
The truck I share with the day driver had a support break on the drive wheels, and they had it hauled to the shop.

One of the yard guys tried to pull a Coke trailer through one of ours- which was full. We're looking at at least $10,000 for our trailer (O.S. r. rear tandem- he pulled the rubber off the rim) (bumper is on the ground, hose fittings, and maybe the hydraulic pump).

The Day-cab didn't want to idle.

And I had a Pete to drive tonight- instead of my tall Kenworth. The Pete is about 4" shorter than my truck. So I back-up to trailer #4 and dump my suspension like I have to do in my truck.
I back up untill I feel the kingpin hit my fifth whell, and give it a leetle tug,,,,,to be sure it's latched. Ok, I do all the hooking-up stuff and get in the cab, I let off the trailer brakes and ease out.

I did mention that I'm in a completely different truck, right?

With different mirrors and a different view behind the sleeper, right?

So all I could see of the trailer at my angl;e of view was the front clearance lights.

I started easing away but was held back by the trailer brakes waiting for air. As soon as they got air and we started rolling, I straightened up, and the trailer stayed right where I'd hooked up. with the raised landing gear on the ground and 55,000+ pounds of corn syrup surging as the trailer bent the landing gear frame.
To make a long story short, the terminal manager told my boss to write me up for carelessness.
My boss said to not worry about it- ,,,,,ummm I'm going to stop their, because someone from work might actually read this.

Anyway I did 5 loads today from 5:30PM to 3:30AM which usually takes me about 6 hours.

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