Tuesday, June 13, 2006

When is a civil war NOT a civil war?

How about when Bush has nothing to do with it?

I know, it's all the EEeevil Israelis fault that Hamas and Fatah are at each others throats, again.

Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas has placed his security forces on high alert after deadly factional violence in the West Bank and the Gaza Strip.

Mr Abbas ordered troops to take control after gunmen loyal to his Fatah group set fire to Hamas offices in Ramallah.

Violence flared after earlier clashes in Gaza, where two people were killed.

The Palestinian Authority has been dogged by a power struggle since Hamas won elections in January, ousting Fatah from government.
Senior Palestinian negotiator Saeb Erekat, an ally of Mr Abbas, told the BBC he was worried by the extent of the violence and concerned at the breakdown of law and order.

Things are slipping outside of our fingers like sand
Saeb Erekat
Palestinian negotiator
"I'm so alarmed, I'm so concerned, things are slipping outside of our fingers like sand.

"I think we're exerting maximum efforts, [but] we're not really undermining the underlying difficulties and complexities facing us."

Dude, do you have any idea WHY you human rats have no concept of peaceful accommodation?
Maybe it's because your brown trash society has focused on violent reaction to anything you see as ,,,,well,,,, an excuse to kill and main women and children.- with the blessing of the humanitarian watchdogs of the UN.
Everytime Israel gives up whatever y'all demand- it isn't enough and you send one of your drugged-up human bombs into a daycare center and then get yet ANOTHER pass by the same people who are all over American "atrocities".
I know it never occurred to you human cockroaches that maybe you all ought to maybe GROW UP, or at least just kill yourselves, and quit bothering people with a goal of something other than turning the rest of their neighborhood into a chithole like your "country".
I also notice that the vaunted Moslim brotherhood isn't doing a whole lot to help you.
I guess they know you.
I'm also curious as to WHY you think that you deserve Judea, anyway? The Jews have been there centuries before your perverted pedephile prophet MoHAMmed (Piss be upon him) brewed up your death cult. I also seem to remember That y'all pretty much decided to leave on your own when the U.N. made Israel a country.

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