Sunday, June 11, 2006

Well, THAT explains why there are so many crappy drivers in Texas

(Aside from the illegals that don't bother to learn to drive, that is.)

I'm looking at the requirements for home taught drivers ed.
Here are two direct quotes from the TxDPS site:

How are the Classroom and Behind-the-Wheel Instruction Log Records utilized?
Classroom and Behind-the-Wheel Instruction Log Records are for the instructor's use only. You will enter the date of completion after the required hours for each specified unit title and driving time. These record logs are for instructor use. You may be required to present this form as proof you have completed all objectives outlined in the Parent Taught Education Program.

The student must take a written and vision examination prior to receiving the Texas Driver License Instruction permit. However, the skills (driving) test will be waived for teenagers who complete both classroom and behind-the-wheel portions of a Texas driver education course. The instructor participating in the Parent Taught Driver Education Program has the option to waive the skills (driving) test or require the student to pass the skills (driving) test administered by DPS prior to issuing a Class C driver license.

That's right, SUVsoccerMom can gundeck the entire drivers-ed thing and get Buffy a drivers license without cheerleader Buffy ever driving her brand new Bimmer- or showing she even knows where the brake is.

The way they drive in San Antonio is proof that new drivers are being taught by drivers without a clue, or common courtesy.

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