Friday, June 02, 2006

Maybe (ex-Texas governor) Bush can get a clue from the current Texas governor

Rick Perry wants to deploy realtime cams along the hardest to patrol sections of the border. Interestingly, it's also were alot of the crossings are happening.
"With the voluntary participation of private land owners, the state will begin posting hundreds of surveillance cameras along criminal hotspots and common routes used to enter this country," Perry said. The effort is part of a border security initiative that Perry launched Thursday, saying the state must step up efforts in response to inactivity by the federal government.
The video, which will include night vision, will be available to state, local and federal authorities and will be posted on the Internet in real time, Perry said.
"When citizens witness a crime taking place, they will be able to call an 800-number that will be routed to the appropriate law enforcement agency," he said.
"I look at this as not different from the neighborhood watches we have had in our communities for years and years," Perry said.

He said the cameras would be placed in the "very, very far reaches where it's hard to get to, where there are very few roads in" but where illegal drug activity and immigrant trafficking occur.

The governor also said he'll allocate $20 million in this two-year budget cycle to continue Operation Rio Grande, an ongoing border security plan. That money will pay for officer overtime and equipment such as body armor, four-wheel drive vehicles and night-vision goggles."

Governor Perry also mentioned his old bosses approach to border control:

"Enforcing the border is the federal governments responsibility, but Texas will not wait for them to act," Perry said. "A stronger border is what the American people want and it's what our security demands and it's what Texas is going to deliver."

Great start Gov., now lets work on eliminating some of those incentives to illegals like, instate tuition and state funded entitlements.

Just an aside to all those apologists who say that a multinational business can't determine if documents are real. I didn't graduate from college, but I KNOW that if I have 2 or 10 or 100 workers with the same SSN that something's funny with their documentation.

Comming up soon- Evil, Rich Republicans taxing the "poor" unfairly.

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