Saturday, June 17, 2006

If you're going to screw someone

on E-bay, and you're selling a laptop,,,

you really should wipe your hard drive, or the guy you tried to screw will let everyone know what a dork you are.
Hey Amire, your resume sounds like an ad in Adultfriendfinders.

I am an exciting fun guy who loves to have fun and outgoing times. I am 5ft 10 inches tall and dark brown eyes with a nice smile which people have told me. I have also short dark brown hair. I describe my figure to be athletic due to I do a lot of sports such as long distance running, soccer and tennis... I find myself to be very honest on all occasions and I can be a romantic at times. I like to make people laugh at my expense so that they aren’t uncomfortable or upset in anyway. Basically I am a very chilled guy and I always put the lady the first.

OK, the guy that bought the laptop on e-bay got screwd, and is showing what an@ss Amir is,,,direct from his hard drive.
Some parts NSFW, but feel free to e-mail Amire with the mail he left on the hard drive. I'm sure he'd love to hear from you.

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