Friday, June 02, 2006

If Rush said it, it has to be true

C'mon you dittheads, you mind numbed robots.....

Just kidding, I listen when I can.
I just heard him on the way home today talking about how the Senate amnesty bill is unconstitutional because the "draconian" fines and back taxes (you pick two of the last five years you want to pay) is. I searched for it and couldn't find it- so no links, sorry

It's not because they're rewarding lawbreakers with citzenship, or anything like that.
It's that the House is the ony one leagally authorized to generate revenue bills (if I remember right). When I parked the truck, Rush was saying that the bill is pretty much dead in the water.

Sorry Rush, but the way the Senate is leaning, they'll just take that little impediment away and give them citizenship for free. I know that Rush is on the cutting edge of societal evolution, but he missed that one big-time.

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