Monday, June 26, 2006

Gawd, how depressing

How absolutely oppressive it must be to live there.

Here are a series of pictures by a Russian tourist in Uncle Kims N. Korea.

I know These won't get shown around much, since most of the MSM is infatuated with all forms of Socialist behavior. They and their fellow travelers are under the belief that the USSR fell because it didn't have their brilliant insights on how to make it work.

They fail to realize that while it might be good to be the top dog, somehow or other the bottom dog ends up on top. I realized that a long time ago, and want the same rules applied to all. These Libs seem to think that when if all these programs they want to force on us, that they'll always be getting the steak instead of the bone.
Those pics show that theirs not room at the top for everyone, and America could end up looking like that under their economic programs if they ever got into power.

Via Q and O.

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